Easy Tips to Execute When Mac Doesn’t Shut Down

Some of the Mac users have reported an occasional issue that the Mac doesn’t shut down. If everything is OK, shutting down a Mac computer is never an agonizing process, as you have to simply select Apple > Shut Down and then click on the Shut Down icon.

But it turns to be a real pain if you are unable to turn off your Mac computer. Here in this article, there are some easy tips to execute when you are unable to turn off your Mac computer. support for mac laptops

The first thing that need to do is to leave your Mac for a while as shutting down the computer system may take some time because the operating system closes all the running applications and then gets switched off – it takes place only when several documents and files are currently running on your Mac computer.


Try to close all the running applications before you shut down the computer:

Sometimes, we are not able to shut down our Mac computer just because some applications create hurdle while closing them. You can for forceful-closing for such applications.  Independent Apple technical customer support company

Mac freezes up while trying to shut it down:

Sometimes, the Mac computer freezes when trying to shut down the computer. To overcome the situation, you need to go through the following path: Press Command-Control-Option-Eject. Support for Mac

It works in same way how you turn off your Mac naturally. If you are experiencing the same problem and you are not able to shut it down, then you should try to look for the reasons why the computer is refusing to get turned off.

Here are some easy tips to fix the shut down problems:

If we look at the reason why Mac is unable to get shut down, there appears no simple answer as the issue can be caused by several reasons. Here, some technical steps have been mentioned below so as to help you resolve the problem:

  • Check if any application is causing the problem, as some of the running apps may technical issues.
  • Check the update if available for any software. go to the Updates and click on Updates All.
  • Make sure the FileVault is turned off, to turn it off – go through System Preferences > Security & Privacy > FileVault > Turn Off FileVault.
  • Go to the Disk Utility and select the main hard drive and click Verify Disk. You can also repair the disk if it has any technical issue.
  • Select the main volume in Disk Utility and select Verify Disk Permissions > Repair Disk Permissions.
  • Reset the SMC and create a back-up folder for all the important files
  • Now you can reinstall Mac OS X and

And thus, you resolve the problem through the steps mentioned above. In case you experience any technical hurdle while resolving the issue, you can reach out to expert Mac technical support technicians who own extended expertise and experience.

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