Consumer Reports on Apple and other Laptops

A recent survey conducted by the US magazine Consumer Reports states that laptop owners expect their computers to last at least five years. The survey was related to about 58,000 subscribers who bought laptops between 2010 and 2015. The survey reveals that almost 1 in 5 people experienced breakdown issues with their laptops in the first three years.

Apple tops the reliability list as hardly 10% of Apple laptops required repairs after the third year of actual purchase. Surprisingly, about 1/3rd of Apple owners have to pay $300 or more out of their pocket to get rid of any sort of Apple laptop issues. Apple laptop support was needed by the Apple owners whose laptops weren’t covered by any sort of extended warranty or additional service contract.

Windows laptop repairs are typically less costly as only 10% of owners spend over $300 or more. Amazingly, failure rates are higher with Windows laptops. On the other hand, the estimated failure rate for Samsung and Gateway was 16 percent. Acer and Lenovo were at 18 percent whereas Dell, HP and Toshiba were at 19% each.

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About 1 in 10 devices needs repairs in the first year as failure rates become less frequent in the second and third years. Interestingly, Apple models are consistent with a 3 to 4 percent failure rate. Interestingly, 71% of Apple laptop owners were found totally satisfied with the reliability of their computers. On the other hand, the rate of satisfaction was only 38% with Windows laptop owners. Apple Emai Support number

The survey also found that the majority of most horrible laptop breakdowns l were “serious” showing they are working but poorly or “catastrophic” as they have stopped working entirely.  Only 1/4th of the breakdowns were termed as “minor” where any part of the laptop was found broken but the computer worked well. About 3 percent of laptops were “cosmetic” where they face issues of discoloration, scratches and rusting as well.

The survey also puts a light upon that fact that the more laptop is used, the more likely it will break down. You need instant laptop repairs frequent if use your computer more than 20 hours per week. Apple has always been a winner, as Apple owners used their laptops an average of 23 hours per week and their laptops had lower failure rates. Survey shows that Windows failure rate was 55%, but the Apple had only 42%.

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