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These days, Adware, browser hijackers and, several unwanted programs, dubious pop-ups, software installation options, and free software downloads are severely affecting the Apple Mac OS X operating system and Mac laptops. Peace (Drew/Macmag) virus, nVIR virus, Scores virus, INIT 29 virus, ANTI virus, and Dukakis virus are said to the most notorious viruses may put your Mac products to a halt. MacBook Pro Help

Mac-technical-support delivers guaranteed and reliable support for the Mac Virus when your Mac is infected by the malware. Our tech professionals have the right ability to exterminate the malicious software and fix all issues instantly. Our tech experts know how to make your system free from the presence of unexpected and dubious computer viruses in a convenient manner. Just get connected to our tech experts with our technical support phone number for Apple Mac support (+1-800-786-0581).

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It is well-known that virus can create a problem for computer users as it can spoil the Mac computer in multiplication. Get our instant and hassle-free online technical support for installing antivirus for Mac by calling us on the toll free number (+1-800-786-0581). iMac® Technical Support


Apple users will experience havoc created by Mac viruses when they go through the following symptoms:

  • They visit advertising banners that are injected with the web pages.
  • Turning of random web page text into hyperlinks.
  • Browser popups advocate fake updates or other software.
  • Installation of unwanted adware programs without any deliberation.

Our Mac virus removal service can be availed for the removal of the following Mac viruses:

  • Crisis, NetWeird, and Tored
  • Jacksbot, SMSSend, and Pintsized
  • CallMe, Minesteal, and KitM
  • Janicab, ClickAgent, and Leverage
  • Icefog, LaoShu, and CoinThief
  • XSLCmd, iWorm, Ventir, and WireLurker, aka Machook

Reliable Mac Virus Help from Apple experts and professionals

We offer Mac Virus Removal Service matching your needs. Our Mac virus help can make a real difference to your virus removal needs as we are an independent provider of remote tech support for Apple’s third party products. We come to your rescue when you go through the following situations:

  • Antivirus activation help and security support.
  • Setting up and installation of antivirus internet security.
  • Buying of the antivirus software compatible with computer device.
  • Installation and set up help for Mac Computers and Windows.
  • Antivirus phone support for fixing antivirus problems.
  • Renewal of antivirus subscription or antivirus renewal help.

Stay in touch for Mac Virus Removal Support Service with (+1-800-786-0581)

Feel free to call us any time, any day via our online support number and get connected to our expert team that is capable of resolving all issues in an amicable manner. We will completely scan your Mac device and make it free from viruses and malware without harming its original settings or configuration.

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A list of Macintosh malware from 2000s to 2015

Mac computers are world renowned and are known for their style, design, quality, performance and technological innovation advantage. For the last two decades, Apple users have experienced a number of Mac viruses and sought for Mac virus removal support from Apple help center. Even, today Apple users need to rush to Apple tech support when they detect following symptoms: Infected advertising banners within web pages, web page text into hyperlinks, browser pop-ups, and unwanted adware programs installed mistakenly. Macbook Air Support

Following is a list of Mac Malware name that appeared in different years in a chronological order:

1990s:   Word macro viruses

2004:     MW2004, Renepo, aka Opener

2005:     Cowhand

2006:     Exploit.OSX.Safari, aka OSX.Exploit.Metadata, Leap, aka Oompa Loompa, Inqtana, OSX.Exploit.Launchd, and Macarena

2007:     RSPlug, aka DNSChanger, aka Jahlav, aka Puper

2008:     MacSweeper, aka Immunizator, AsTHT, aka Hovdy, aka AplS.Saprilt, PokerStealer, aka Corpref, and Lamzev, aka Malev

2009:     iServices, aka iWorkServices, aka Krowi, and Tored

2010:     HellRTS, aka Pinhead, aka Hellraiser, OpinionSpy, aka Premier Opinion, aka Spynion, and Koobface, aka Boonana

2011:     BlackHole RAT, aka MusMinim, aka DarkHole, MacDefender, aka MacSecurity, aka MacProtector, aka MacGuard, aka MacShield, aka Defma, QHost, also HostMod-A, Revir, aka Imuler, aka Muxler, Flashback, aka Flashfake, DevilRobber, aka Miner-D, and FinFisher.

2012:     FileSteal, Hackback, KitM, Tibet, aka MacControl, aka MaControl, aka MacKontrol, Sabpab, aka Sabpub, aka Mdropper, aka Lamadai, aka Olyx, FkCodec/Codec-M, Maljava, GetShell, aka SET.gen, aka ShellCode, aka MetaData, aka TESrel, Crisis, aka Morcut, aka DaVinci, NetWeird, aka Wirenet, Jacksbot, Dockster, and SMSSend.

2013:     Pintsized, CallMe, Minesteal, KitM, Janicab, ClickAgent, Leverage, and Icefog.

2014:     LaoShu, CoinThief, XSLCmd, iWorm, Ventir, and WireLurker, aka Machook.

2015:     Thunderstrike 2’

Avira Free Mac Security, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, Avast Free Mac Security, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, and Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (Mac) are said to be the best Mac antivirus software that Apple users can install in their Apple machines to get rid of mentioned-above Apple Mac malware.

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