Common QuickBooks for Mac input errors you may experience

QuickBooks for Mac is known for creating invoices, tracking sales, preparing bills for your time and expenses, tracking important dates, and importing valuable data into QuickBooks and vice versa to maintain updated information in an effective manner. Have a look at 4 common QuickBooks for Mac input errors you may experience while using your accounting management tool. These include:

Writing a check after a bill is entered

QuickBooks is designed for entering bills through the “Enter Bills” window when they arrive. And QuickBooks users expect to pay all of them in the “Pay Bills” window. This option is a little bit confusing for small business owners.

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In QuickBooks for Mac, if you enter and pay a bill using the “Write Checks” entry window, there is a possibility you may record the expense twice. Moreover, you also get an unpaid bill that emerges as an outstanding accounts payable line item. It is also possible that QuickBooks for Mac may crumble when you plan future payments and manage cash-flow. Intuit quickbooks support

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Duplicate expenses when enter a charge and a bill

It is a common problem that consumes hours to sort out. The best thing you can do here is not to enter a credit card statement as a bill and write a check to correct that bill. You can also go for the same procedure.

  • Select “Enter Credit Card Charges” from the Banking menu.
  • Choose the charge/credit card.
  • Enter all your charges and any credits/refunds.

Bouncing “Receive Payments”

After receiving payments, QuickBooks for Mac users write checks by entering sales invoices and making deposits without going through the Receive Payments step. Here, the “Make Deposits” screen is logical, but it makes books look messy. So, whenever any payment is received, apply that to the appropriate invoice. intuit quicken support

Homeless & Lost Inventory Items

To maintain inventory properly, it is necessary that you assign all inventory items to the right accounts and every item needs to be titled into 3 different accounts: Inventory Asset account, Cost of Goods Sold account, and Sales account. QuickBooks automatically sets up the first and second type of accounts and you need to set up sales income accounts.

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