Can Macs get viruses? Know the biggest rampant Mac viruses

There is a conception in the competitive computer and technology market that Mac products from technology giant Apple are best and almost free from the possibility of online attacks and security threats. Many computer, desktop, and smart phone users firmly believe that Macs can’t get viruses, but is it really true?

What experts say?

“The answer is definitely, yes,” says Bogdan Botezatu, an online security analyst, “There have been incidents, and there will be more.” “Mac OS X software has more high-risk vulnerabilities than all versions of Windows put together,” he says. “Apple markets these products as virus-free. They say you don’t need an antivirus, because they know people hate antivirus software. These utilities often slow down your computer, so they don’t want to promote them,” he added.

“Microsoft has been at the forefront of infections for so long, and people started to pressure them to do something, and they did. The response time for fixing vulnerabilities is much shorter now, and you are also advised to run a third-party security tool,” Botezatu added.


“Malware for Windows and Android is ‘performing’ much better for the criminals writing the malware,” explains Andreas Andreas Marx, AV-Test CEO, “This means, malware for these platforms pays off easier and, in the end, it’s all about making money.” “It’s going to cost the hacker more to build Mac OS X malware than Windows-based malware,” says Bogdan. Mac virus scan and removal support

Why Macs are virus free?

  • Newer Mac OSs are built on the Unix kernel which are considered the most secure operating systems available in the market.
  • Microsoft Windows users are higher in number and Microsoft Windows is a much better target.
  • Most of the computer virus writers are familiar with Microsoft Windows. So, it is likely that they can easily create a virus for Windows OS.
  • Various tools, scripts, and codes are used to create viruses for Microsoft Windows.

These claims show that Apple users are not a direct target of hackers and virus makers. So, Mac users can take a sigh of relief. Below-given are the most dangerous Mac viruses that can compel Mac users look for instant Apple customer technical support service from the right authority. These include:

  • OSX/Flashback
  • OSX/MacDefender, OSX/MacProtector, and OSX/MacSecurity
  • OSX/OpinionSpy
  • OSX/Krowi
  • OSX/MacSweeper
  • OSX/DNSChanger, OSX/RSPlug, and OSX/Jahlav
  • OSX/Leap

To ensure 100% safety and protection to all Mac products, you need to be aware of these deadly viruses and take timely help from Apple Mac help from reliable resources in the least amount of time.

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