Apple’s two-factor authentication on iCloud

While using Apple products, it is likely that you receive the message titled “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons.” This message can be a security threat where someone has broken into your iCloud account. When you turn to two-factor on your Apple ID, it is possible that you find your iCloud account locked as some have tried to break in. Two-factor authentication prevents your system from outside attacks, but it locks you out. In such condition, it is also possible that you may have forgot Apple ID password that can help you lock in easily.


Generally, users expect they would take a screenshot and keep it safe with their iPhone. But, you need to go to the Apple support page to resolve lockouts issues and recover your account concerning your password, the two-factor recovery key or a trusted device. Actually, you need to have a recovery key in order to resolve the issue amicably. If your Apple ID is forfeited only a recovery key can help you.

You can sign in and create a new Recovery Key as long as you know your Apple ID password and you have access to any trusted device.

  • First of all, go to My Apple ID, manage your Apple ID, and sign in.
  • Choose ‘password and security’ under Edit your Apple ID column.
  • Choose Replace Lost key and abide by all onscreen instructions.

After this, Apple users need to print the key available in time machine backup or they can have this key available with iCloud support. You need to have a recovery key in order to get timely access to your account, especially when you have lost your trusted ID or you have forgot your password.

If you are facing the same problem, you can easily get rid of it as Apple help desk can let you get what you really want and expect. When you take support from an independent tech support providing company with Apple support phone number (1-800-786-0581), you get a real reason to use your password and trusted devices that help you instantly ensure recovery from being locked out. Apple Technical customer Support service number

This number helps you when Apple is unable to help you in case you lose your account due to the loss of recovery key with two-factor authentication.

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