Apple’s faulty USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program for MacBook

World’s leading technology giant Apple Inc. has decided to launch a worldwide USB-C charge cable replacement program to deal with the 12-inch Retina MacBook. It is known that charge cables were shipped with the MacBook through June 2015. Now, it is found that these cables can fail owing to a design issue.

According to Apple, faulty cables may affect Retina MacBook’s charging potential by not charging or charging intermittently when Apple system it is connected to a power adapter. It is very easy to identify the same issue with cables with the labels that read “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” When it comes to finding the redesigned cables, users of the MacBook will find the same the same text, but it will also include a serial number. Interestingly, Retina MacBook owners having faulty cables will get new redesigned USB-C charge cables totally free of cost. Along with the replacement program, the same policy will be applied on the faulty cables that were sold as standalone accessories.


Apple customers with valid mailing address registered with the Apple Online Store at the time of product purchase will be able to get new cables automatically. On the other hand, other qualified MacBook owners can find an Apple authorized service provider, contact Apple Support, or individually visit an Apple retail store in order to replace their faulty cables instantly. According to USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program for Retina MacBook, all MacBook users having affected USB-C charge cables can easily replace the faulty products until June 8, 2018. It is known that the Retina MacBook was debuted for sale in April of 2015. Moreover, the problematic cables were sold for about two months before the release of a redesigned version.

Apart from Apple’s faulty USB-C charge cables, there are many MacBook issues, such as anti-reflective screen, printer connectivity, software update, Wi-Fi connectivity, router setup/installation, Mac configuration, Mac setup, Mac internet connectivity, and performance issues. These issues can plague your Retina MacBook and coerce you to look for immediate Apple tech support from Apple support centers or independent tech support providers that offer instant solutions for overcoming all obstacles.

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