Apple’s Encryption-Oriented New File System Revolves Around Data Security

Among the Apple’s quiet announcements at WWDC 2016, New File System, also termed as APFS, has attracted developers’ interest across the globe. With increasing threat to data files, Apple has planned to give an edge to its data security through its New File System.

As mentioned in the preface of developer documentation, which Apple made public, APFS is:

optimized for Flash/SSD storage and features strong encryption, copy-on-write metadata, space sharing, cloning for files and directories, snapshots, fast directory sizing, atomic safe-save primitives, and improved file system fundamentals.”

It ensures an integrated encryption technique for almost every gadget Apple develops. It combines a multi-key encryption system that makes it challenging for others to break down even when they can access to the storage. For more than 18 years, Apple has been using HFS+, also known as Hierarchical File System, in its operating system for across the devices it makes. But now, with macOS Sierra, it is set to get replaced by a more advanced security system APFS.

macOS Sierra APFS

Novice users may find some new applications in the system, but they should not think it useless in any way, as they can access to technical help for Mac OS so as to understand its features.

How APFS can enhance the security:

If looking at the modes of operation in APFS, it comes out with three ones – multi-key encryption, single-key encryption, and no key encryption. These are technically efficient to allow you to execute the encryption in accordance with your requirements. Amongst the three modes of encryptions, multi-key encryption appears to be more robust to stop crack-down.

The system is certainly going to upset the FBI along with the Intelligence Agency, which have been in word spat with Apple regarding the encrypted data files.

As it is entirely aimed at ensuring a better storage management on the Mac computers, macOS Sierra will now allow its users to make a clone of its data files and directories that don’t consume any additional storage space on the computer system.

Now the APFS is available as a Developer Preview macOS 10.12, which can be executed only through a command line. Apple warns not to use the preview edition File System, as it can cause malfunctions and data loss.

There are so many things to be revealed when macOS Sierra will finally be available for the users. Pp till then, you can stay tuned in to get more details. Else you can also access an independent Apple developer technical support service provider for more details on the features that you think to be worthier for you.

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