Apple’s EI Captain or Windows 10: A competitive scenario in popular operating systems

Windows 10 can be a better operating system than Apple’s upcoming OS X El Capitan in some key areas, like personal assistance and multitasking. You can say that El Capitan isn’t a worthy upgrade for Mac users; it finally offers revamped apps, split-screen capability, and performance improvements. Windows 10 offers PC users just a little more with secure security features.

If you have used both the previous version of Windows 10 and the public beta of El Capitan for some time, then you can compare the two operating systems across nine categories on a 100-point scale. A competition that has been created with the passage of time has now added a new chapter with recently launched Microsoft and Apple updates to their respective operating systems. Windows 10 offers lot of eye-catching and impressive features in terms of security, including Windows Hello, facial recognition software Cortana. It also offers compatible fingerprint reading, and even retina scanners to maximize device protection. Most of the users when moving to OS X EL Capitan and windows 10 got a rough start that left them frustrating.

EI Capitan problems:

Users who are using MS Office 2011, especially outlook as a basic requirement for their work, have found that outlook is crashing when upgraded to EI Captain. But the most frustrating part of this issue is that Apple has already announced the statement in Apple’s release notes: “After months of beta testing with developers and with public users we are releasing […]”. So, in months of beta testing, no one tried Office 2011?


To fix this, you can upgrade to Mac Office Pro Plus 2016 with key code in hand and downloading the .pkg file. Many users of MS Office 2016 for Mac are experiencing such issues as a result of upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Windows 10 problems

In Windows 10 while using office 2016, many of the users get an error message with a reference code so they downloaded Office 2013 to fix the issue and entered the key code for subscription and their email on a budget Lenovo ThinkPad is up and running. The Windows 10 Office 2013 experience was less traumatic than the El Capitan upgrade. Phone support number for mac

With Microsoft making some fairly noteworthy steps with Windows 10 that could pay major improvements to both the mobile and tablet devices. Apple’s decision to make some additional improvements to OS X with El Capitan which makes it a little bit confusing as there are still some areas of improvement in the OS and Apple is moving towards additional improvements. By this, El Capitan offers many things to convince users to stick with it, but for developers and users on the fence, Windows 10 offers the more compelling case for adoption.

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