Apple’s answer to Mac Defender Malware

Recently, Apple discussed the Mac Defender fake antivirus app that is affecting a large number of Mac users. Interestingly, the tech giant posted a Mac Defender support page showing ways to remove the malware from Macs. Moreover, the company also planned to launch an OS X software update in order to prevent Mac users from such viruses. With Apple technical support services, Apple users can get instant help for getting rid of Mac Defender malware attacks.

Mac Defender is a fake antivirus program that affects you when you install it on your OS X system. Through a malicious site or a pop-up, the antivirus program can be automatically downloaded in your browser. If this fake antivirus program runs on your Mac, it will try to trick you into credit card information. This program will tell Mac users that their system has malware and assures them of infected apps. It is likely that the program will frighten you on having a virus and will offer instant solutions with the buying of the full version of Mac Defender. Once your credit card information is received by the rogue app, you will get freedom from porn pop-ups, but your credit card details have been hacked.

MacDefender Malware

Mac Defender, the fake antivirus, is also known by other names too, such as MacProtector and MacSecurity, and Mac Defender. Be assured that this malware is not related to As far as Apple is concerned with the same malware, Apple has recently posted a Mac Defender support page that is visible on the company’s site. At this site, Apple users will get details of a software update for OS X. This update will kill the malware if it is on Mac systems.

Interestingly, the security update warns Apple users against downloading the rogue app whenever Apple users find Mac Defender online. Moreover, the tech giant offers a detailed explanation describing what to do and what not to do to cope with Mac Defender. If Mac Defender is downloaded mistakenly, throw the download package in the Trash.

If you have installed the app, then go to Apple support page (Click here) and find ways to remove it under the sub-heading “Removal steps” that will guide you with step-by-step instructions.

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