Apple Ushers in Customer Support with Live Chat Feature in AppleCare Support Page

As Apple has always been innovative in every aspect – whether it is technology or customer support system, it is now introducing a revamped AppleCare support page featured with live chat option. If we go by the announcement made for the change Apple has done to its support page, then it is quite possible to get a quicker Apple tech support number for all types of technical problems witnessed while using the Apple devices.

Earlier, the users had to register their problems and leave a message regarding the technical problems with their devices, and subsequently, Apple technicians did contact them within few minutes. Though, it was also a quick process, yet they had to wait for a while.


But now, Apple mac technical support technicians can be accessed through a live chat option round the clock. It is believed to be more useful when you need a quick solution rather than registering your issues or visiting the nearest Apple care store.

Here is how you can access Apple’s new chat option on the support page:

When you go to the Apple’s support page, a lot of options will appear on the desktop – such as downloads, video, manuals, communities, and others. And amidst the available options, you will see a newly-added feature “Contact mac phone support.”

The feature takes you to the Apple support page, if you click on that link. You can see an option “Get Started” located at the top of the window. As the services are available for across the Apple products, you will get a list of extensive categories such as iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Apps & Software, and “More Products & Services.”

And now it depends on your requirement that for which product you are looking for technical support. There will some sub-categories of common technical problems – once you select your device, you have to click on a particular issue that you are experiencing.

As Apple aims at picking your very specific technical problem, it will ask you to choose the issue from the list of sub-category under the main problem that you had selected.

And in the last process, you will get a window having four different options to communicate with the Apple professionals – Chat, Schedule a phone call, Talk to the Apple Support Now, and Call Apple Support Later.

And thus you access to Apple technicians as per your requirements. These options take you to the AppleCare representative in a short while. On the other hand, the revamped support page does also bring some suggestions on the methods to fix frequent technical issues.

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