Apple Server Update & Directory Services Troubleshooting

There are my Apple product users who complain of battling with persistent directory services issues and always look for Apple help center or any other third party tech support provider. Following is a sample case study on Apple Server Update & Directory Services Troubleshooting from a tech support provider for a private education institution which contacted Apple technical service provider’s service team for getting a perfect solution for working out on its server problems. In addition to resolution of immediate issues, the support provider also updated server with the latest OS X software from Apple. Apple technical customer support service number

The customer challenge was related to the use of Apple® and PC equipment in the admin department of the school. The institution has a single Mac Pro® that serves all management needs, such as tape backups and file services. Initially, the customer came with persistent directory services problems and asked for resolving directory services issues. It was decided to help the school with upgrading the OS on the server and evaluate it for best-practice compliance.

Apple Server

The Services Team of the tech support provider checked the installation and corrected the directory services issues. The company created a single “point-in-time” backup of the server and updated it to the latest version of the OS X. Then, it evaluated the configuration of file and collaboration services. The team also looked at the new services from the updated server with reference to its benefits for the school. Apple® Mac Help Technical Support Phone Number

Finally, after two days, the team upgraded the server and returned to service with minimal interference. The team also resolved new services from the OS upgrade which offered the school new options.

Services solutions offered by the tech support provider to the school with reference to the issue of Apple Server Update & Directory Services Troubleshooting:

  • Directory services troubleshooting
  • Upgrade planning and execution
  • Network service deployment.
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