Apple MacBook models drop Boot Camp support for Windows 7

According to Apple’s Boot Camp support document, Microsoft Apple newly refreshed 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops models no longer support running Windows 7 with boot camp. Microsoft is pretty much done with Windows 7 and now so is Apple. The Boot camp only supports on new notebooks with Windows 8 AND 8.1. For those users who are unfamiliar with the Boot camp, Apple’s software has been designed to allow Mac users install Windows on their Mac devices. This is the second time when Windows dropped Windows 7 Boot camp support .The 2013 Mac Pro, also suggested the software Windows 7 will cease to be supported by future Macs, but Macs released in 2014 did support Microsoft’s operating system and continued to support  Windows 7 installations.


MacBook Air and the 2014 MacBook Pro in 2014 will be the last Apple notebooks that will support Windows 7. Microsoft ended the conventional support for Windows 7, and operating system will only receive security updates for the next five years. Microsoft Windows 7 first became available to the market in 2009 and was later followed by Windows 8 in the year 2012. Despite being 6 years old in the market place, Windows 7 continues to be the operating system which has been used heavily by the public. It’s not the End of the Story as the main fact lying behind is that Microsoft is winding up its support for Windows 7, so it’s the perfect time for Apple users to say good bye to it. Mac-Technical-Support.Com

Further, Mac users were not happy with the Microsoft decision to cease Windows 7 in Boot camp support in the Apple Mac Pro, new MacBook Air. In addition, MacBook Pro will also be met with the same confrontation. These 3 new laptops were announced earlier at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event.

Users with Windows 7 discs can still use the operating system on the newer new MacBook Air and in MacBook Pro and Mac pro but not with the Apple software’s. Boot Camp allows Mac users to install Windows on a hard drive partition .The third party options available are VMWare Fusion and parallel Desktop Still support the Windows installation.

The lack of Windows 7 support with Boot Camp may irritate people who use this OS for individual purposes. If you want to use Boot Camp with Windows 7, there are still different models of Macs in the market that will support it. For more details on the same, check out Apple’s support pages or contact expert technicians regarding the same.

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