An introduction to Apple iMac with Retina Display

The iMac with Retina Display is out in the market for Apple users and lovers. Now, the question is why the new feature rich iMac is selling like a hot cake? The simple and straight answer to the question is all the HiDPI display that the technology giant calls the “Retina 5K Display”. It is nothing but the retina display makes the iMac a star as all other features are seemed borrowed from the previous versions of iMac. If you like to see the difference between the 2013 (non-retina) and new retina models, you need to have a serious look at the new Apple iMac with Retina Display. iMac® Technical Support | Apple® iMac Helpline

With 5120×2880 pixels, the new Retina 5K Display is one step ahead of 4x the pixels of the 2560×1440 panel. It also means that 2560×1440 content with widgets has been successfully scaled up nicely to the new resolution. It is likely that Apple has used the same panel that has been a part and parcel in Dell’s 27” 5K monitor. No other brand has ever tried to have a 5K timing controller (TCON). Only Apple did so with the new iMac. Interestingly, the machine doesn’t own a multi-tile display, but instead it is a single 5120×2880 mode. Technical Support For MacBook® Pro | MacBook Pro Help


Apple also needs a single DisplayPort connection to drive the display. In absence of the display, it is really hard to activate the display with conservative DisplayPort HBR2. Right now, the tech giant Apple is running an overclocked DisplayPort/eDP interface to ensure the availability of enough bandwidth. New driving displays include AMD’s Radeon R9 M290X and R9 M295X and these replace the former NVIDIA GTX 700M parts. Technical Support for Apple Mac® Mini | Apple Mac Mini Helpline

All other features enabled in the newest version are nothing but a replica of the 2013 iMac. It has an Intel Haswell desktop class CPU equipped with 8GB or more RAM, Apple’s SSD + HDD Fusion drive setup, and 802.11ac support. Now, Apple is available a higher speed CPU upgrade option that makes the high-end iMac a highly performing machine.

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