A quick guide to fixing OS X EI Capitan Mail problems

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan is one of the finest and the latest update of OS X, succeeding Yosemite. So, a lot of users are to try it out. Many of the Mac users are now working with this updated OS and they have noticed several problems while working on this new version of El Capitan. Here are the most common issues people have struggled with, and the best solutions for getting those issues resolved smoothly. Support for Apple mail


Apple offers its users a trouble-free online tool to verify your email settings so you can make certain they’re set correctly in Mail:-

Use iCloud account to fix the issue:

In case you are not able to send email while using your iCloud account after upgrading to El Capitan then following these steps may help:

  • Simply open system Preferences> iCloud and unclick the checkbox beside Mail to disable it.
  • Once this process is complete, then tap on the box to turn Mail back on, and close System Preferences.
  • Now launch Mail and open Preferences>Accounts.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Set the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ section to the right to iCloud.
  • Lastly close Preferences and launch Mail.

By applying all these above-mentioned steps, you are likely to resolve the error and enjoy the mailing services. If the problem persists then contacting a reliable Mac technical support providing company is right choice that offers you customized solutions.

 How to Repair Mail issues in Mac OS X?

  • Ensure you have a backup. If you have Time Machine, then make certain to duplicate your Mail folder in the User’s Library.
  • In System Preferences, Quit Mail > Internet Accounts, uncheck Mail for each account.
  • Go to the User’s Library and Scroll to Containers.
  • Drag the com.apple.mail folder to the trash.
  • After this, scroll to Mail. Drag Mail folder to the trash and log out under the Apple in the Menu bar.
  • Log in.
  • Empty the Trash. If not, Mail will continue to try and use data in the Mail folder.
  • Open System Preferences > Internet Accounts and check Mail for your primary account. You are suggested to add one email account at a time.
  • Open Mail and test account and import messages stored under “On My Mac.”

If you are in your User’s Library mode, then enter Time Machine and restore the V2 folder to the Desktop to import the data into Mail. For getting more information on Apple OSX Mail, you can contact a reliable third party support providing company and get quality technical support for the same.


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