A look at Apple MacBook 2015

Since the introduction of the MacBook Air back in 2008, Apple MacBooks series has come of age and ensured a niche in the competitive market with quality products with loads of features and specifications. http://mac-technical-support.com The release of MacBook (2015) seems a mix of an iPad with a MacBook Air. At 2lbs, the Apple device seems lighter than the 2.38lb 11” Air and the 2.96lb 13” model. With 13.1mm thickness, the product is made thinner than the original iPad and comes with a clamshell laptop with a keyboard and trackpad. With a 12” screen, the product looks larger than the smallest Air. Technical Support Services for Apple MacBook® | MacBook Helpline


The product mingles features of a laptop and OS X with iPad-inspired design cues of the iPad. The product follows Apple’s common glass & metal design philosophy and it comes in a variety of colors: silver, grey, and gold. The company has shifted from Core U-class processors from Intel in the Air to Core-M (Y-class) processor in the MacBook. Apple® iPad Support The use of Core-M puts a positive effect on the design aspects of the MacBook and allows insertion of a very small logic board. Apple has also come out with Force Touch trackpad with an upgrade and the same has been done by Apple in order to save space. The trackpad can be used as a variable force sensor that allows apps to respond. Technical Support for Apple Mac® Mini 

When it comes to the ports, the new device comes with a single data and power port with a new USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack that make Mac a perfect version. The downside of the product is that it has equipped the MacBook with a single Type-C port that needs both power changing port and the device/peripheral port.

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