6 Impressive Features in macOS Sierra You Don’t Know about

At the opening keynote of WWDC 2016, Apple announced macOS Sierra that is incredibly designed to take the Mac users’ experience to a whole fantastic level. Because of limited time period in hand and a number of things to be announced, Apple executive had to skip some features. But here in this write-up, you can know all those features that have been added to the operating system. 

As the first developer beta of macOS Sierra has already been made accessible, all those features, which were skipped during the announcement, are getting revealed by the developers. Here are some important features that you probably missed to catch during the announcement. Let’s have a glance at the features:

#1: Apple File System

As the developers say, macOS Sierra’s new feature Apple File System comes featured with its own technician inheritance that ensures a better and optimized operation for Flash/SSD, strong encryption, quick directory, and others.

macOS Sierra-support

It is being hailed as the most important update to ensure security to the data files saved on Mac computers. As a large number of Mac users have continuously been in touch with Apple tech support technicians to make sure their data files are duly encrypted, with new Apple File System, it is now almost certain to ensure security to their files.

#2: RAID support

Apple had dropped the support for RAID in OS X EI Capitan, which infuriated a number of Mac users. But now Apple has brought the RAID support back to its latest macOS Sierra.

#3: Optimized storage

It is going to be one of the most remarkable features in macOS Sierra, allowing the users to optimize their stuffs on their Mac computer. While introducing the latest edition of OS X, Apple displayed how it can work through a video. The video demonstrated the operating system freeing up about 100GB of storage by deleting unused data files and taking more important ones to the cloud.

#4: Safari Extensions made available in App Store

Instead of downloading extensions from other unidentified websites, the users will be taken to the App Store when they try to download a particular extension for Safari.

It is going to be a key change for the sake of security. Previously, a number of Mac users had reported some technical issues with their computer caused by unidentified extensions, and consequently, they had to access technical support for Mac OS to get the issue resolved.

#5: Safari 10

Amongst other features, macOS Sierra has been introduced with the updated Safari 10 web browser that has got a revamped UI and thumbnails for bookmarks in the sidebar.

#6: Unsigned applications harder to run

With macOS Sierra, Apple plans to take a tougher step to make it harder for unsigned applications to run. Previously, the users were able to manage to run such applications by making a change in the System Preferences section, but macOS Sierra now denies such changes in the settings.

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