4-Step Approach to Resolve Mac OS X “No Camera Available” Issue

Apple products have a global reach and recognition among millions of Apple users. Thanks to innovative features that make Apple products sell like a hot cake. Most of Apple Mac operating systems, if not all, come with a built-in camera in order to allow all users conveniently use FaceTime to communicate with their near and dear ones uninterruptedly. If your Mac or display has a built-in iSight, FaceTime, or FaceTime HD camera, then you can easily take pictures or shoot videos using Photo Booth. You can also make video calls using FaceTime, or video chat. Phone Support for mac

Your camera is turned on if a green indicator light, beside the camera, glows when an app is opened. Your camera is turned off if the active app Window is closed. If the green indicator light turns off, it means that camera is off and video has stopped. There is also one odd bug with Mac OS X that displays the “No Camera Available” error infrequently, especially when FaceTime or other apps are opened during the camera usage. Update Technical support for mac os x 


If you are having this problem, then following is a 4-step approach to resolve Mac OS X “No Camera Available” issue:

  • Close all the apps that are being used by your camera (including Skype and FaceTime).
  • Then, open a terminal (Launchpad -> Terminal).
  • Type the following command: sudo killall VDCAssistant.
  • Re-open your app in order to check out if the camera is working now.

The main reason behind the occurrence of this weird issue is launching of a background process called “VDCAssistant” by Mac OS X when an app needed by the camera is released. In case this background process is not closed down properly while closing the app, it will consumer maximum resources and also will prevent other apps from accessing the camera. If you decide to go by force to close this background process, you can free up the resources in order to make the camera available again for apps. But this trick will help you temporarily as it will fix the “No camera available” issue 99% of the time. When it comes to adjusting the remaining 1%, you should restart your Mac. You also need to check if the driver is installed properly for external camera or not. On the other hand, check if the camera is non-functional. Also check plugging of camera in the USB cable.

If above mentioned 4-step approach is unable to resolve Mac OS X “No Camera Available” issue, then taking Apple Mac technical assistance from right resources can make a real difference.

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