12-steps to overcome the issue of QuickBooks Company file not opening

Are you unable to open your QuickBooks Company File despite making genuine efforts? If you are experiencing the same issue, it must be very frustrating as the company file is a fundamental item for any organization where all critical business data are kept. Below-mentioned is a 12-step approach you can use to overcome the issue of QuickBooks Company file not opening. It includes:

  1. First of all, you need to check if you are using the latest version of QuickBooks or not.
  2. Then, open the file using the same version you used in previously. Remember: Any visible difference in versions can make you face uncertainty.
  3. Don’t use alternate routes and use QuickBooks to open the file directly.
  4. While following the step No. 3, make sure you catch on the “ALT” key to avoid the opening of reports or QuickBooks windows.
  5. Open a sample company file directly.
  6. Move the location of company file according to your needs and open it.
  7. Check the company file’s properties and check if there is any issue with integration, compatibility or file format.
  8. Rename the company file if it is not working
  9. Try to open the file once you are safely moved the company file to a new location.
  10. Rename the “.tlg” file.
  11. Turn off multiuser hosting.
  12. Revise the file extension of the company file.

Quickbooks Help Support

If you are still unable to get a perfect solution to your query or not satisfied with these steps, you can simply move the company file to other computer. After this, follow these steps again and open your choice file. If the file boots, it shows that it had some issues with the first computer or QuickBooks compatibility issue. Intuit quicken support phone number

You can also try these steps until you find the solution to your problem:

  • Update QuickBooks>Run “Reboot.bat”>Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks>Choose the option “Repair” from the QuickBooks installation window.

If you are still unable to open the file, it is high time to take instant QuickBooks tech support from reliable resources to repair or diagnose damaged or corrupted company file.

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